Live, Love, Alive

Or some ordering of the above.

In some ways I suspect this is like a public diary, sitting under a stack of old magazines that anyone could see, but never will. So why bother with it? Who knows one day someone might be really bored and find a copy of this on the that day’s and find something worth reading, nah who am I kidding.

Ok so why the above title? Personally I do little of any of the 3 in the every day sense. Do I love, certainly, but people in general, very few specifically. And those I do love specifically, it is simply old friends and family. No, I am not really sad about that, I am pretty much a dead end for things. Well, a fairly rough dead end I guess, like a caleche road but made out of WC (Tungsten Carbonite), seems no one ever polished off the rough edges.
Lately though I have been getting pressure to ‘settle down’, of course the things come in waves so I suspect I can just wait it out again.
Reasons to not “settle down”

Lets see:

  • no money,
  • no time,
  • no energy and
  • no upside to the other party.

Plus did I mention my award winning personality, oh yes I did the dead end road with the WC caleche.

In all fairness, there was someone who brought all this out relatively recently. But, between my cosmic obliviousness (yes I can diagnose the moral concerns to the 42nd decimal of a flatworm, but when It comes to me, yes cosmic level obliviousness) and that award winning personality of mine, nothing went anywhere. Heck, likely she never even noticed, if she did she was kind enough to not say anything.

Now, I did also have a few situations where coeds were posturing, but that was a mixture of disturbing, sad and a bit funny. Word to the wise, never look over the shoulder of a coed in a low cut blouse and lab coat. In fact, just keep a strict watch on the squirrel in yonder tree, or keep a large desk type object between you and she. Oh sure she is cute, but so is a puppy, until it tries to hump your leg, then it is just disturbing and afterwards a bit funny and sad. I have been advised this is relatively common practice amongst coeds and anyone some of them think can affect their grade, I happen to be in the lab to make certain they don’t kill themselves, burn down the building, or eat the gummies from the molecular modelling kits, I have nothing to do with their grade.

Hey, look a shiney!

No, really I bring all this up to say, it might be nice to be in a non familial, non platonic relationship, and thanks to family and professor pressure I have given it more thought, but I have nothing to offer. So, it is better to simply stay professional and single.

Till next time

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