I am presuming by now you have noticed a movie name thing going on that provides some context to my ramblings. This will likely be a dual posting with “As Good as it Gets.” I worked in the restaurant business as a cook, manager and trainer and while Chef, not to be confused with Chef!, […]

Service and Design

In my life I have done a lot of things, well that is not really true, I have done a few things, with lots of variation at each thing. I have spent a fair amount of time as a teacher for example, but should I consider coaching, tutoring, guidance, lecturing etc as different things or […]

3 Days in a row …

Can it be? No, seriously it would be nice to do this daily, I doubt I will have time though. I am sitting in the department office decompressing right now. Too much fun with the business office and financial aid screwing me over. Worse, they will not even call me in the morning. In separate […]