3 Days in a row …

Can it be?

No, seriously it would be nice to do this daily, I doubt I will have time though. I am sitting in the department office decompressing right now. Too much fun with the business office and financial aid screwing me over. Worse, they will not even call me in the morning.

In separate news, I spend so much of my thought running ahead of where things are now, I think I miss what is going on around me. I need to not assume what people are going to do/say/ feel and let them say it themselves. This should not be a hard concept to grasp, but like any change it will be difficult for me to implement.

See, those of you who are out in internetlandia just don’t realize my secret identity is Captain Oblivious.

The fun thing about being on “the spectrum” is that my brain is wired differently than the norm, add that to all the other weirdnesses and it gets to be … well… me. Seriously though, it really is a different way of seeing things almost to the point of being in a different reality. Not like schizophrenia different, rather emotional cues are different. Whats cool about that? Well it does let me see things that others might miss, but then I miss things others might see. It is  not better or worse, just different.

Of course if I make it out the other side of medical school, it will make the refractory cases easier, since most everyone else will have been responding to standard ques and I will be seeing different ones. It also helped when I worked for a PI because again, I saw things others missed and was  not distracted by things others saw.

BTW, if  you came here expecting political, theological, social rants etc it is likely not going to happen. It does not mean I do not care and care deeply about such issues, nor does it mean I will not engage in lively debate on the subjects, but much of it is analytical. I do care what other people think about issues, but I care more  hat they actually think about he issues.

OK enough for now.

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