I am presuming by now you have noticed a movie name thing going on that provides some context to my ramblings. This will likely be a dual posting with “As Good as it Gets.”

I worked in the restaurant business as a cook, manager and trainer and while Chef, not to be confused with Chef!, is ostensibly about  the derive industry and being a chef, it is really more about grabbing hold of what you desire most and running with it. Certainly there is tonnes of food pR0n and situations that only someone who has actually worked in food would appreciate… aww -redact it all- I am not going to do a commentary or try to explain it.

How does Chef effect and affect in my neumenon?

What will you do to pursue a dream? What path do you travel on the way to your end. Life is about the journey. Life is also like cooking, simple, high quality, sustainable and responsible. Farm to table. That is how life should be. Do not over extend yourself, but at the same time make the absolute best from what is available, now in the moment. Tomorrow has its day and there is enough sorrow without borrowing from the future.

Speaking of trouble BTW, Thursday would have been Mandi’s 38th birthday that means she has been gone for 31 years. I want to start doing something, not fun, but memorable. She would have hated seeming what has happened. I intend to ask the princess to take the time to go out with me to start a new memory, as to if she will say yay or nay, I do not know, but I have to at least ask right?

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