Room for One More

Room for one more is a 1952 Cary Grant, Betsy Drake film about adoption. What is the relevance do you ask? I am glad you did.

My grandparents (paternal) were both foster and adoptive parents. In facts my grandparents were many things, many of which I hope to touch upon in detail as time goes by. Just to touch on a few, my grandfather was a Volunteer Army Air Corps Soldier (he was too old and to tall to be drafted so he volunteered). He was also a Barber, Postman, Farmer, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Teacher of ASL, Singer and Devout Believer. My grandmother was no slack either. In addition to running the family, she also taught local women how to cook with government surplus, was a strong political advocate, an even stronger advocate in the church for what she believed, an advocate for First Wave Feminism, and a caretaker for those who could not care for themselves. Together they were both adoptive and foster parents.

I will never be able to match what either side of my grandparents did, but i can try to follow in their footsteps. One obvious way would be what I believe they strove to do more than anything. Raise the best family they could and pass on their values to the next generation.

That path is a, slightly difficult one for me however. First, I am likely sterile. No I have not been checked, but I am told that severe Bromine exposure has that effect, and I have certainly had severe Bromine exposure. The other issue is marriage. I am certainly not opposed to marriage, quite the opposite in fact. I am simply resigned to not ever being married (or married again depending on various definitions of marriage). I could foster though, were I stable enough financially or if I were to find a spouse, I could be like one of my great uncles and simply be the best step dad I could possibly be. In any case, the possibilities of such are slight, and to be honest, until recently I had put them so far back on the back burner as to say they were not ever going to happen.

Of course there is Princess, but as I am sure I have stated before, the biggest issue with Princess is that she can do far better than I. To me she is close to ideal, and in those areas where she might seem sub par to others, those are all benefits from my perspective. Example: Like me she is really precluded from being a biological parent, while others might see this as a negative, to me it means that she would not be disappointed in me not being able to have children myself.

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