A bit of humour on regarding finding a single reformed guy (not an issue I have)


I did a quick search this afternoon simply searching for Reformed Christian Dating, which is more than a bit silly considering for the most part, we don’t date, we court. The difference? Quickly, I see the difference as Courting has one intention… Marriage.


anyway I came across a post to Derek Zrishmawy’s blog post a few years ago and thought I would share it.

So if you are female and looking for a reformed guy, I can say I think most any of these should work well.

  1. Go to a local Reformed church and look for one.
  2. If no Reformed church is available, look for the guy in the back of your local non-denominational church, furiously writing notes during the sermon in order to write the pastor an email filled with corrections.
  3. In that same church, mention words like “covenant”, “doctrine”, “election”, or “fatherly hand” in conversations with any single men and look for the twinkle in their eyes. (HT: Sean McLeish)
  4. Frequent local coffee shops with a copy of Calvin’s Institutes lying out on the table. Make sure you’ve read some of it, though, and include sufficient highlights and underlining.
  5. Repeat #4 in local breweries and pubs (unless Baptist).
    Move to Louisville, walk around Southern’s campus without a wedding ring on. (Reformed Baptist; HT Lauren Rambo)
  6. For those favoring the online approach, ReformedSingles.com offers to fill the gap. Unlike other dating sites this is a place where: “Our members are prepared for marriage by reading a wide variety of articles on marriage, dating pitfalls, courtship, divorce and remarriage, and more. Our Members’ identities have been verified by their pastor so people you meet really are who they say they are.
  7. Finally, our members know that their futures are predestined by our heavenly Father and rest in His kind hands.” (HT: Alan Noble)

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