It Happened Again Today

I wonder if this is the right blog to post this to, I may cross-post an edited version to the other. I ran into an associate on the way to class, I had a few minutes and he was headed out and we demonstrated the resonance chamber effect. You mean echo chamber right? No, I […]

Of Personal Revelation and Intimacy

Dear Non-Existent Reader, As I have stated repeatedly: the purpose of  this blog is not to make me look good, in fact, I suspect it does quite the opposite. Instead it is to record an honest exploration of my thoughts, feelings and situations for later evaluation. As such, many of my so-called revelations will seem blindingly […]

Some Changes Afoot

Dear Non-existent Reader, There will soon be some substantial changes going on here. First, I will be archiving a large chunk of mail I sent to Princess, so you will see a stream of password protected posts appearing over the next few weeks. There are quite a few but I intend on returning to so […]