Some Changes Afoot

Dear Non-existent Reader,

There will soon be some substantial changes going on here. First, I will be archiving a large chunk of mail I sent to Princess, so you will see a stream of password protected posts appearing over the next few weeks. There are quite a few but I intend on returning to so regularity in posting.

While the formal subject matter may change a bit, it is still my intention to track the changes in my head and heart as they were originally triggered by Princess, however, other than filing in the holes there will be no new princess specific posts.

Why you ask? Because I came to a rather horrific realization early this morning about myself. I have given Princess the option to respond to my findings, but there is no reason she should.

You see dear reader, I made Princess a promise, and thought I was following through with that promise. And then I realized that, not only was I not following through on that promise, but I was directly acting against her desire AND trying to set up  a repeat of history.

So, I have given Princess the option to either walk away or work with me to reverse the situation. What she chooses to do, is up to her. If she chooses to stay, then I am so jealous of whomever she marries, because he is going  to be one very fortunate man. I know what I think will happen, but you know what dear reader, every time I thought I knew what Princess was going to do she has surprised me.

Regardless, I promised to treat Princess like a friend and an equal, so I really can’t call her Princess anymore. I only do so today for the sake of continuity. Princess has served her role. What her new name here, if any, will be; remains unknown.

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