A Confessional Theology Pt II of X (2 of 10)

If you read the first of these Confessional Theology posts, you would have noted that the original reason for the posting of the series was to set my own personal theology into a static text so that there would be a time-stamped snapshot of it.  The other reason was to provide a better theology to someone who is looking at joining a religion she does not at the time believe in. So the reasoning is very event and historically driven. I am unaware that the person in question will ever read these posts, but that does not drive away the original reason for them. It is a good exercise and can potentially be useful to anyone who may come across them as well as serving as a historical marker for my own journey and that is what this entire blog is designed to do.

The outline of these posts will be classical with each major heading being an individual post. As they are completed, I will link them and after a period of time they will become static. The rules of this exercise are relatively straight forward. The total word count for parts III – X will be under 1,000 words (right at 125 words each if completely balanced. The exercise was originally proposed by Dr. R. Scott Clark of WSC, to who I owe a major debt of gratitude for his assistance and guidance over the years.

No part of this exercise should be interpreted as my attempt to create a replacement Confession. It is noted that I currently ascribe to the Westminster Standards and find the 3 Forms of Unity to be harmonious with my belief.

Pt III: Prolegomena (Revelation, Scripture)

Pt IV: Theology Proper (God’s being, attributes, the Trinity, creation and providence)

Pt V: Anthropology (Creation, image of God and sin)

Pt VI: Christology (Jesus’ person, natures and work)

Pt VII: Soteriology (Sin, atonement, ordo salutis)

Pt VIII: Ecclesiology (Offices, nature, structure, authority)

Pt IX: Sanctification and the sacraments (Baptism, Lord’s Supper; preaching and worship)

Pt X: Eschatology (judgment, heaven and eternity)

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