Why are there so Few Libertarian Women?

First, allow me to say I am not a Libertarian, so I am not expressing a Libertarian view any way. If someone wanted to know my actual political affiliation, it is easy enough to find out with a few web searches. Second, the question was posited on  a friend of mine’s blog, specifically he asked “Why are so few women and minorities attracted to libertarianism?” I opted to ignore the minority portion of the question, but thought I had some minor insight  into the other side. I admit it is an off the cuff response so I look forward to being able to try and work through it as time permits. As such, please consider this post to simply be a work in progress and it may undergo some radical changes as I work through various issues. I suspect the initial response it an overt simplification, but here goes my initial comment:

Many women, who do not have children of their own (and quite a few that do), have abstracted the concept of motherhood to the entire world. Basically they act as though the entire world population are their children. Thus, they want to treat them as they would treat their children, sadly, this includes murdering them before they are born. But, it also means they think that everyone should be supplied with everything. Worse, the father has been replaced with the government, so where the father would once have been the provider, now it is the Fed. If you think about it, map the modern ideas of motherhood and the govt as father, then extend it, it does in fact become the progressive movement.Of course children actually grow up and no longer see themselves as an extension of Mom, a process that usually traverses about ages 3-6. That is the ideal mentality for the progressive, keep the ‘children’ perpetually in the 3-6 year range mentally and emotionally. Libertarianism requires a degree of independence that 3-6 yr olds do not posses.

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