This is the Story All About How My Life Got Flip Turned Upside Down

Is there a “Fresh Prince” generation? Probably 2, those of us who watched it in first run, those who only saw it in syndication. Point is, if you are part of the Fresh Prince generation, you now have Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff in your head.

I have a number of incomplete blog posts in various degrees of completeness sitting around. But as my non-existant readers all know, these posts are mostly stream of conciousness. Only when I republish a letter/email is there any chance of substantial revision, and quite frankly both are by design.

These posts are not meant to accurately report anything except my feelings about a topic and my thoughts at a given time. That, I believe, they do well. When you see multiple edits  and revisions present, the most likely cause it spelling and gramatical mistakes that I may catch after the fact, or I may find that I have revealed to much personal information about an individual other than myself. When that happens, I make an effort to redact it and purge any search engine caches of the offending text. I do have meta tags in place that search engines should honor to not follow or index these posts. So, if someone does find them, it is because they are ignoring the no index, no robots, no follow tags, or it is someone who knows me. Siknce I believe only teo actual people know about the existance of this blog, one who is basically ghosting me and another one who quite frankly doesn’t care what I write about. Any hits I get are spam hits or randomness. 

So what you say.
/Shrug so nothing.

I am saying no one knows it exists, so no one is reading it. That means, btw, that you are not reading this either.

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