Open Letters

Most of this blog is private, there are however times that I may have a subject matter that might benefit people beyond the cast of pseudo characters that make up the cast here at Skandalon. Or, as in the case of the first open letter, is never expected to be of benefit to the original audience, or more appropriately well, just look and see for yourself.

The original inspiration for this blog was a particularly normal situation wherein with the unwitting prompting of one person, triggers a series of events. Happens every day, all over the world. If it was not all about my own mistakes, failures, weaknesses etc, it might almost be comical in its absurdity. I suppose in many ways, were the story to be filmed it would be an obsessive deconstruction of Amélie via an unreliable narrator who was affected by an unknowing Audrey Tatou.

In any case, Amélie has moved on most likely and has continued on her previous path towards making what I suspect is a horrible mistake. What do you do though, when one is lost, or was never influenced by you? Well, if you are me you honor both the part and the player, and, more importantly you demonstrate the truth of your claims. Ultimately, promises are not made to individuals, they are made to gods. Depending on the nature of that god, the promises have different weight. Maybe this promise will be of use to someone else, and so I will deliver it in the form of an open letter

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