Tree Friends

As all of my non-existent readers know, I have a thing about conservatism, I have a thing about being reformed, I have a thing about family, I apparently have a thing for asians, and I have a thing about survivors. So when youtube suggested  a channel called eat your kimchi, I thought it would be about korean food, (I watch a lot of cooking shows since I used to be in the industry).


Turns out it is not, it is the vlog of a Canadian couple living now in Japan, previously living in Korea, and the female half happens to have EDS. What is it with EDS these days? Khal is taking care of an EDS girl in SoCal, I fell madly, and inappropriately for an EDS girl in Augusta (fortunately it did not go anywhere except in my mind ) but it has made me make changes in my own live, including this blog.

Regardless, I happened upon the female of the duo, Martha’s, vlog about chronic pain and EDS and I used the phrase “tree people”. I described a tree person as the kind of person who will talk you out of your tree and you can talk out of their tree.

I think this coinage needs some looking into. What is a tree person, tree friend, and why am I sitting in an elm discussing this with you?

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