Edgars by the Sea.

When I was heavily involved in fan conventions we always wrapped up the convention with a “frank and open discussion of the pros and cons of the event with a look forward  to improving guest and attendee relations” or some other marketing speak. We, of course, called them by their much shorter better known name:

Bitch sessions

Simply put it was a time to talk about what worked, could have gone better or simply should be relegated to the pile of, well we probably should not try that again. For the purposes of this blog lets call it simply: The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

So where should I start? There certainly was good bad and ugly.

The Good: My company for the evening was outstanding. I honestly have not had a better evening out with someone, certainly in recent memory. I did not feel like I dominated the conversation, I did not feel like I had to explain everything, I did not feel like I had to do anything except have a pleasant conversation and swap stories. I hate to say it, because it will never happen, but this is a person I could quite frankly sit alone in a room with for hours and do nothing other  than read, knowing that if I had a  thought, or she had a thought that wanted to be shared we could do so, but not needing to. There is only a few problems with that: She has Zero interest in people old enough to be her parent (yes I phrased it that way deliberately), she has taste in men almost as bad as my previous history with females, she is not a believer, at least not in the sense that I am. The first is not an objection I can overcome, the second is not so much an issue as a comment, and the this is not something she could overcome. Aside from those three things, I could have taken her off to meet my parents that night. Wait! You did  not say anything about love or crushes or anything. Easy, it was not there. Oh do not get me wrong, she is an attractive girl, but as I have said many times, love is not a feeling. If/when I find the right girl, love will not be an issue. I will chose to love her and those feelings will pop up, but I am not dependent on them in the least. Feelings are nice, but I do not trust them. In fact I will go so far as ti say feelings are like icing on baked goods. Sometimes you really like them, other times they are very deceptive. I have seen some gorgeous cakes that tasted like nothing at all. 

Oh yeah, and worse, her name has meaning…. yep Princess, what is it with me and girls named Princess?

Yeah yeah yeah, go figure. Besides again, straight up she has no interest in old broken down men, plus it would be a long distance relationship, been there done that, and who knows about medical school.

And that leads into the next part, the bad and the ugly

The Bad: Oh she warned me, straight up told me she never gets anywhere on time, she is always early. I mean straight up told me she arrives 1/2 an hour before. And when did I get there? Right at 7. She had been sitting alone for 1/2 an hour before I arrived. I almost filed this under the ugly. That was timing mistake number one on my part. Timing mistake number two happened on the other side, she was supposed to be home by 9PM and she did not leave dinner until 9:40 or so. I should have insisted that at 8:30 we leave. However, I am weak and selfish and would have stayed with her for hours if I could have, so I did not. That was quite disrespectful of her parents by me. I owe them an apology, but as I will likely never meet them, it will have to wait. 

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