So I admit that I have not taken the time to update this site, my projects blog, research site, or much of anything lately. The simple fact of the matter is that my free time has been busy and overly filled with, well, stuff.


In fact, my life is generally filled with stuff. When it is not filled with stuff, then I find more stuff to fill it with. On top of that, the stuff that I am supposed to be working on, tends to not get finished because at the end of the day I am to physically or emotionally drained to do anything, so I put it off.

The last week or so, I have been spending getting one of my research projects back on track and moving. What changed you ask? My research advisor brought a student in that is working on it for a grade, so once again, my priorities change so that I can make certain I do not leave her in too much of a bind.

But let me tell you about her, she is great. I am not going to tell you she is perfect, she is not. But, I wish I were 20 years younger so I could spend another 20 years seeing where she is going. You may have heard me talk about the kind of females I find ideal, she is certainly the caterpillar of half of that ideal. Again, she is not perfect, she has her issues, and she has her areas where things could change, but overall, yeah she is great. Anyway, she is going to be my eyes and hands in the project I have been working on off and on for a while now in biophysics. Bringing her online and up to speed has been taking up large tracts of my time, and so, less blogging here.

I learn so much from her though.

Yes, I am learning from her. And the really sad thing is she could be a really good influence on me, were I to be able to spend more time around her, doubly so if she would get the subtle hint that I really do need a competent individual to manage my affairs and interactions with people. I suppose I could be more subtle, I have only been as bold as to say “I need someone to actually manage my affairs and run interference for me in personal and business affairs” a few times, so she may have missed it, but I jest. She is probably wise to not even acknowledge such comments, as doing so, would possibly add more to her plate in dealing with me than she would like.

And that then leads to the reason for this post: I am overly involved in to many things. To many projects, to many irons in the fire. There is some analysis that needs to be done personally to figure out the root cause and fix it, but  the symptoms are dire and he patient is in ICU. I need to go back and list everything I have my fingers in, prioritize and categorize it all, figure out where I want to go, what I want to do, what is important, and who I need to be in order to accomplish such.

However, my alarm just went off and so it is time to change the laundry.

Ok Laundry switched.

Point is I am over extended, I am over extended for a healthy person, I am not healthy. So what do I do? Well, that lust of things, ok that is a typo, but I am going to leave it because it is also true, list of things I need to get done? Well, I need to actually list them. I need to look at my degree plan and find out how many hours I have left that are needed, and so what I need to finish in order to finalize my BS Chem. Yes, I am aware that my degrees are all out of order, I still have to complete this one next though.

In fact, I am going to stop here and go work on that in the 45 minutes till the next laundry cycle is done. Ttyl

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