Of Scars and Tatoos

I serve a risen saviour, Jesus, known as the Christ. Michael Card, relates a portion of Christ’s story after the resurrection as follows: Mother Mary cried as she held heaven her arms For the shadow of the scar she saw was clear As her own bewildered baby lay weeping for the world Whose frightened tears […]

Tree Friends

As all of my non-existent readers know, I have a thing about conservatism, I have a thing about being reformed, I have a thing about family, I apparently have a thing for asians, and I have a thing about survivors. So when youtube suggested  a channel called eat your kimchi, I thought it would be […]

Of Personal Revelation and Intimacy

Dear Non-Existent Reader, As I have stated repeatedly: the purpose of  this blog is not to make me look good, in fact, I suspect it does quite the opposite. Instead it is to record an honest exploration of my thoughts, feelings and situations for later evaluation. As such, many of my so-called revelations will seem blindingly […]