Tree Friends

As all of my non-existent readers know, I have a thing about conservatism, I have a thing about being reformed, I have a thing about family, I apparently have a thing for asians, and I have a thing about survivors. So when youtube suggested  a channel called eat your kimchi, I thought it would be […]

A Confessional Theology: Part I (Of Many)

An Introduction: There are a number of reasons anyone might want to document their basic theological beliefs. In my particular case, and at this time, there are at least two worth documenting as they likely influential in my thought process. First, I have what is commonly called a mood disorder. What do I mean when […]

Potato or Potatoe

  Warning: This page is a shortcut to who I am. If you do not believe that shortcuts should be taken in relationships of any kind, then do no read this page.   Yep, you guessed it, another movie reference. In this case it is an old song. I remember the song mostly as part […]

Live, Love, Alive

Or some ordering of the above. In some ways I suspect this is like a public diary, sitting under a stack of old magazines that anyone could see, but never will. So why bother with it? Who knows one day someone might be really bored and find a copy of this on the that day’s […]