So I admit that I have not taken the time to update this site, my projects blog, research site, or much of anything lately. The simple fact of the matter is that my free time has been busy and overly filled with, well, stuff.   In fact, my life is generally filled with stuff. When […]

Open Letters

Most of this blog is private, there are however times that I may have a subject matter that might benefit people beyond the cast of pseudo characters that make up the cast here at Skandalon. Or, as in the case of the first open letter, is never expected to be of benefit to the original […]

It Happened Again Today

I wonder if this is the right blog to post this to, I may cross-post an edited version to the other. I ran into an associate on the way to class, I had a few minutes and he was headed out and we demonstrated the resonance chamber effect. You mean echo chamber right? No, I […]