As part of On Names and Naming, I am giving short explanations as to all of the names I have acquired over the years:

What then is a hungus? The term hungus was originally computer geek slang for humongous , something large and unwieldy. Later (~1987) it was reintroduced as a critter in a game called Zork (Beyond Zork specifically) described as “Part sheep, part hippopotamus, the hungus builds its nest in jungle swamps such as the Miznia Jungle and other hot, squishy places. Normally docile and eager to avoid conflict or activity of any kind, the hungus is fiercely clannish, and will instantly charge at anything that dares to threaten its kin.” Both definitions fit me and so many of my older friends know me as ‘Hungus’ – Yes it is more information that you require (or likely want)