Of Personal Revelation and Intimacy

Dear Non-Existent Reader, As I have stated repeatedly: the purpose of  this blog is not to make me look good, in fact, I suspect it does quite the opposite. Instead it is to record an honest exploration of my thoughts, feelings and situations for later evaluation. As such, many of my so-called revelations will seem blindingly […]

Some Changes Afoot

Dear Non-existent Reader, There will soon be some substantial changes going on here. First, I will be archiving a large chunk of mail I sent to Princess, so you will see a stream of password protected posts appearing over the next few weeks. There are quite a few but I intend on returning to so […]

A Confessional Theology: Part I (Of Many)

An Introduction: There are a number of reasons anyone might want to document their basic theological beliefs. In my particular case, and at this time, there are at least two worth documenting as they likely influential in my thought process. First, I have what is commonly called a mood disorder. What do I mean when […]